IJInn 2017 Volume 7 Issue 3

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The Sediment PhysicoChemical Characteristics in Sombreiro River, Rivers State, Nigeria. O. A. F. Wokoma and U. Friday. IJINN (2017), 7(3):16-21




The Sediment PhysicoChemical Characteristics in Sombreiro River, Rivers State, Nigeria

Authors & Affiliation:

O. A. F. Wokoma and U. Friday

Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, Igantius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumeni, P. M. B. 5047, Port Harcourt, NIGERIA

okoriwokoma@yahoo.com, murphyentre@yahoo.com


A 24- month study aimed at assessing the physical and chemical quality of the sub- sea sediment of Sombreiro River was carried out, following field and laboratory procedures specified by standard methods. Particle size analysis of the sediment revealed that the sediment is loamy sand, with 70.29% sand, 17.31% clay and 12.39% silt. Sediment pH fluctuated from 6.61±0.175 – 7.16±0.03, electrical conductivity (4798±408 - 10836±158 µS/cm), phosphate (0.39±0.01 – 2.97±0.03mg/kg), ammonia (0.08±0.01 – 1.2±0.30mg/kg), nitrate (1.34±0.04 – 4.0±0.135mg/kg), total hydrocarbon content (322.5±155 – 2178.5±64.5mg/kg) and total organic carbon (0.87±0.15 – 2.69±0.17). Sediment heavy metal loading varied from 114.37±0.005 – 436.82±0.25mg/kg for iron, 0.067±0.001 – 3.957±0.002mg/kg for nickel, 0.307±0.003 – 7.353±0.008mg/kg for chromium, 0.016±0 – 1.576±0.001mg/kg for copper, 0.001±0 – 0.095±0.001mg/kg for cadmium, 2.70±0.007 – 10.42±0.01mg/kg for zinc and 0.025±0 – 1.424±00.17mg/kg for lead. The observed concentration of THC which is far above the stated limit of 30mg/kg is indicative of hydrocarbon pollution in the study area.

Key words: Sediment, brackish water, total hydrocarbon content, mangrove vegetation, particle size analysis