IJINN 2016 Volume 6 Issue 3

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Needs for Rural Developmental State of Nigeria: The case of Kano State. Popoola, Oladayo Timothy and Ogunlade, Maria Funmilayo. IJINN (2016), 6(3):14-23


Needs for Rural Developmental State of Nigeria: The case of Kano State

Authors & Affiliation:

Popoola, Oladayo Timothy and Ogunlade, Maria Funmilayo

Department of Economics, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria

poladayo@gmail.com, ogunlademaria@yahoo.com


This paper examine dimension of rural areas' challenges in Kano State of Nigeria. Evidence from 200 youth living in Sabuwar Unguwa, Turawa, Unguwar Mani villages and environ, Karaye Local Government of Kano State reveals that many young people are out of the rural communities to urban areas because of push-factors – extreme poverty and hunger, joblessness, dilapidated school building, drop-out, lack of portable water supply, expensive modern agricultural inputs, irregular supplies and high cost of fertilizer. Therefore recommends that there should be public-private investments to directly increase the productivity of the rural agriculture as well as creating enabling environments for local entrepreneurs to develop large scale commercial agriculture which could reduce youth migration to urban cities. Also, governments can motive the rural workers (doctors, nurses, teachers etc) by paying higher wages beyond what is obtainable for the same job in the urban sectors. This will influence more people to prefer working in the rural communities and also motivate them to contribute to the development of such sector. On the other hand, this will also reduce congestion and crime in the urban sector.

Keywords: Rural Development, Economic Growth, Nigeria